Back in Business!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while but I wanted to let everyone know that we are back in business. We aren’t going to be doing our magazine anymore – in fact, we’re also going from speaking Spanish to speaking English (lo siento!). The reason? We were purchased by one of our friends – Joe at Best Dog Crates and Beds! He wanted to keep the legacy of La Casadelos Malfenti going, but with a twist.

Instead of publishing a magazine, we’re going to be launching our own brand of dog crates!

What? Dog Crates? Seriously?

Yes – seriously!

Dog crates are absolutely essential for every dog owner to own. Think about it. What does every dog owner have in their home? A dog crate! Why? Because their dog feels safe and secure in their dog crate.

Joe already has a great platform for selling dog crates, so it’s natural for him to pivot into making his own dog crate brand. He’s going to be focusing on selling large 48 inch dog crates, since the market for such large metal dog crates is untapped. This doesn’t mean that Joe is going to stop reviewing dog crates on his site. In fact, it means that he’s going to be doing more dog crate reviews than ever. He needs to know his competition!

Joe really was insistent on using the La Casadelos Malfenti name on the dog crates. He truly believes that this is a universal brand that is going to translate into millions of dollars worth of dog crate sales.

We wish him the best of luck and will update you all when the dog crates are ready for sale!